French Bulldog Advice

Tips and advice to help you make the most of your frenchie.

Hello & Welcome

If you have been searching for useful French Bulldog information, I’m sure you have come across many sites on the internet claiming to be full of useful advice about buying and owning a French Bulldog.

Unfortunately after reading a lot of these websites, it becomes obvious that the site owner has never owned a Frenchie in their life, and most of the information is based on general common-sense guidance about owning a dog – any dog.

Much of this advice is not relevant to French Bulldogs and some of it is downright DANGEROUS to the health and well being of your Frenchie. These are special little dogs that require special care and attention.

I’m hoping my site will provide useful and informative French Bulldog advice about buying, owning and caring for one of these adorable pets with a bit of fun thrown in.

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